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Modern Dental Care with Laser Dentistry

woman smiling into camera while laying in chairForty years ago, using a laser in dentistry sounded like something straight out of Star Trek – but Dr. McCoy isn't the only one using lasers anymore. More and more dentists now use lasers in several dentistry treatments, such as the removal of tooth decay, root canals, and teeth whitening.

At this point, dental technology is outpacing the dental consumer in every way. A great many people have never experienced a dental laser in their lives, yet more and more technological advancements are occurring in the field of laser dentistry each year. At this point, it is necessary to know the basics. With so many options, let's try to make heads or tails of it.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

dentist holding woman's chin and checking smile"Laser" is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. What does all this mean? In essence, a laser produces a very exact beam of concentrated light energy that can treat a wide variety of dental problems. The laser sterilizes and coagulates blood vessels at the same time, thereby reducing the opportunity for infection. Lasers in dentistry can be used for surgical procedures like a cutting instrument or tissue vaporizer, meaning it melts away tissue it comes in contact with.

Safety glasses will be used to protect your eyes from any harm. In many cases, the use of the laser instead of the drill or knife greatly reduces pain during the procedure. Depending upon what you need and your pain tolerance, anesthesia is sometimes unnecessary! Contact Hillsview Dental Care today to learn more or schedule your first appointment.