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Dentist in Anaheim Offers Tooth Extractions

May 24, 2017

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Your dentist in Anaheim offers tooth extractions.Having a tooth extracted sounds like it would be a complex procedure with a lot of complications. What if we told you that your dentist in Anaheim can typically complete most extractions during a relatively short appointment? Most patients are pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s not an overwhelming procedure. At Hillsview Dental Care, we even offer options for dental sedation that can make your procedure even more comfortable for you.

When Do I Need an Extraction?

At Hillsview Dental Care, our goal is to help you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime. In order to accomplish this goal, this sometimes means a tooth may need to be removed. Here are some common dental conditions that would require a tooth extraction in Anaheim:

  • Wisdom Teeth Removal – Also known as your third molars, wisdom teeth are typically extracted for a number of reasons. They may not come in straight, or sometimes they don’t come in at all, which means they’re impacted. There also may not be enough space for them, which means that they begin to crowd your other teeth and affect your smile.
  • Orthodontic Treatment – For patients who struggle with crowding, an orthodontist may recommend the removal of some teeth prior to treatment in order to make room for other teeth and to complete orthodontic treatment successfully.
  • A Compromised or Infected Tooth – If your tooth becomes severely decayed, it may become infected. If your infection damages your pulp, or root more than root canal therapy can preserve, your tooth will need to be removed in order to protect the health of your remaining teeth.
  • Trauma or Injury to Your Tooth – If your tooth sustains an injury or trauma, and root canal therapy can’t preserve it, this could cause the tooth to “die.” At this point your tooth should be removed.

The Extraction Procedure

Our team of dentists is highly skilled and very gentle. Your comfort is our top priority so we use the best dental anesthetics to ensure that you don’t feel a thing during your procedure. If you’re still feeling anxious about your extraction, we can offer nitrous oxide, which can help take the edge off so you’re relaxed during your procedure. We can also discuss using oral conscious sedation, which offers a bit deeper relaxation for our patients.

Contact Hillsview Dental Care

If you need a tooth removed it’s important not to delay your procedure. Contact Hillsview Dental Care today to learn why we’re the Anaheim dentist that patients trust for their extractions.

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