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Invisalign In Anaheim – The Clear Choice For Straight Teeth

April 14, 2017

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Clear BracesYour teeth have been crooked your whole life, and you’re finally ready to do something about it. But when it comes to straightening your teeth, you know traditional mental braces won’t work – after all, you’re an adult now and you don’t want to draw more attention to your smile imperfections while they’re corrected. What can you do? With Invisalign in Anaheim from the team at Hillsview Dental Care, we can give you the perfectly straight teeth you deserve with comfortable, invisible treatment. Learn more about this option from your premier cosmetic dentist in Anaheim in this post.

What Is Invisalign?

Although you may have heard tidbits about Invisalign, Dr. Saeid Mohtashami, Dr. M.A. Zareh, and Dr. Anoosheh Mazhari like to define this straightening option, before they expand on the benefits of this treatment. Invisalign is a system of custom-made, clear acrylic aligners that gently move your teeth into proper position.

We’ll start by making a 3D model of your smile and send that, along with impressions, to a lab. Your Invisalign will be made just for you and your entire course of treatment will be shipped to you at once. The aligners will be numbered in sequential order for your convenience. Simply wear your aligners, switch to the next pair about every two weeks or so, and be impressed by the dramatic results.

Why Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

Invisalign is a superior solution over braces of all kinds for many reasons, including:

  • Balanced Diet – Since you take your aligners out when you eat, you can enjoy a balanced diet. Carrots, corn on the cob, popcorn – you can eat all your favorite foods.
  • Invisible – These thin, yet effective aligners are so inconspicuous, the only person who will know you’re wearing them is you.
  • Time – You won’t need to have your braces adjusted every two weeks, so you’ll save time with fewer follow up appointments with us. And, most people finish their treatment in 6-18 months, giving you your ideal smile quickly.
  • Affordable – Many insurance plans nowadays offer coverage for Invisalign along with traditional orthodontics. If you have the choice, you might as well get the superior option. Call us if you have questions – we’re happy to verify your benefits, and offer financing options for low monthly payments.
  • Age Appropriate – No matter what age you are, you don’t want to call more attention to the flaws in your teeth with metal braces. As a child or an adult, this option will make straightening your teeth stress-free and will build your self-confidence.
  • It Works – Ever wonder how stars like Khloe Kardashian or Anna Kendrick get their red-carpet smiles? They use Invisalign to upgrade their grins – just like you can.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know what Invisalign is and why it’s the clear winner over all other braces, schedule your appointment with Hillsview Dental Care to get the perfectly straight teeth you’ve been longing for!

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