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6 Month Power Braces

The 6 Month Power Braces Technique is fast, effective, and affordable; it can give you that smile you've always wanted in only six short months – you read correctly – just six months. This incredible technique will move front teeth to their most desired, beautiful position and give you a super smile. Even if your teeth are crowded against each other, overlapping, or have spaces between them, this amazing solution can give you the fast results you want here in Anaheim Hills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this done in only 6 months?

This technique utilizes the latest modern technology combined with orthodontic techniques that have been tested successfully over time to move teeth safely and quickly.

Will "Power Braces" use extreme force to move my teeth?

No – the technique uses low force. Many people believe the braces are just "tightened" like crazy to get their teeth moving in the right direction; actually, this would slow tooth movement down. The Six Month Power Braces Technique is ultimately a gentle, low force technique.

Does this method damage teeth, gums, or roots in any way?

No – such complications are the result of individual biology and the consequences of using high forces over a much longer period of time. This technique uses only low force with a shorter (6 months) treatment duration to move your teeth safely.

Are these six-month braces more painful than regular ones?

No. The Power Braces Technique is using a lower force to move your teeth – not high forces, which can cause pain.

Does this cost exceed regular braces?

No. Since there will be fewer office visits needed, the Six Month Power Braces Technique is actually less expensive than the cost of regular braces, which, by the way, can take up to 3 - 5 years to be effective.

Have you ever extracted teeth using the Six Month Technique?

This happens very rarely.

How frequently must I come in?

Usually, you'll come in for a visit every four or so weeks for 15 - 30 minutes per appointment, plus a slightly longer period when we first put your braces on. Treatment is most often completed in 10 or less visits. We see all our patients on time, so you will not wait long during your appointment.

Must I wear a retainer?

Yes. As with all orthodontic procedures, wearing a retainer is required. If you don't want to wear a retainer for a long time, you can alternately request that your teeth be splinted together.

What about insurance and payment plans?

Insurance plans vary greatly. We can check your insurance coverage for you if you want. We offer several convenient payment options to make the 6 month technique affordable for you. Call our office at (714) 881-1543 and ask for details.